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Party Catering, Wedding Catering, and Catering services for any occasion in Hatley, WI

Our Goal is to do the best job and give the best products available. Our most important ingredient is pride to do the best we can! Bob’s Catering is located in the southeast corner of Marathon County and provides catering services within a 65 mile radius from Bevent, Wisconsin. Bob’s Catering has served the area for 25 years with pride and great home cooked food.

Call 715 446-3574 to book us for your event today

All you and your guests can eat

We offer Whole Hog Roast-prepared at our facility and brought out whole to your function. The hog is decorated with lettuce, carrots and an apple in its mouth, The hog is then sliced in front of your guests.

All our meals taste like home cooked food!

  • Real Ham (Pit Hams)
  • Real Potatoes-Mashed
  • Beef so tender a sharp glance will cut it
  • Real Turkey
  • Gravy and Stuffing are homemade

Hot food is kept hot and cold food is kept cold

Heavy plastic plates, Cups, Napkins and individually wrapped Flatware are provided. Our staff will clean off the tables of plates, silverware and anything pertaining to food.

You Can Keep the Leftovers

**No Plastic Bags**

Just make arrangements before the meal starts and provide solid containers with lids. Also, make arrangements for the leftovers to be picked up. If no arrangements are made before the meal starts, we will take the leftovers with us and no refunds will be given if the leftovers are not taken.

Please Note the Following:

We do not do barn weddings

That all information is subject to change without notice. There is a $20.00 energy fee applied to all functions. Please note a gratuity will be added on to all functions. 150 People Minimum on Saturday’s in June, July and August. Bob’s Catering has the capacity and capability to do 5 functions a day, serving up to 3,000 people. Bob’s Catering operates out of a state of the art 3000 sq foot building with all modern and efficient equipment. A fleet of 5 trucks is used to transport equipment and products.